The 3 Key Reasons the Guy You Like Won’t Call You Back

The 3 Key Reasons the Guy You Like Won’t Call You Back

How many times in your life you were waiting with awe for a call from the guy you liked, but the phone kept staying deadly silent? After spending a long time with a person you like, you want to believe that this connection won’t ever cut off and you will stay together forever. But all of a sudden, the guy just vanishes, and you get confused about what’s going on. The pride is telling you that he has simply lost an interest in you and you shouldn’t suffer for nothing and try maturedating-online instead, but a quiet voice of hope whispers that he probably has a grave reason for such silence. Below are a few key reasons why the guy you like doesn’t call and text you back

  1. He has got into serious trouble

This is a pretty comforting version that can preserve the girl’s self-esteem. Honestly, anything could happen: he could get sick, leave for an urgent business trip, or even go to a funeral of his beloved grandmother, after all. Not all men think that they should warn their girlfriends about their disappearance, especially if they aren’t in love that much. Maybe the thought that someone is worried and waiting for a call doesn’t even cross their minds. But if a guy loves you, regardless of the reasons, he will find the means to call you and warn you that he won’t be able to contact you for a while.

  1. The guy is an adventurer

It’s possible that the guy dated you only to add you to his list of sexual wins. Maybe you have had fun together, he “showed” you his feelings and sincere interest in you. But that was only to incline you to intimacy.

It doesn’t matter that you have seen each other many times – remember the rule of “eight dates” after which the girl might agree for sex? What if these dates are at an end, but you still haven’t crossed the line? The guy might have come to the conclusion that he wants nothing to do with you and dropped you for his next prey. If that’s so, you should give him a sincere “thanks” for stopping to waste your time.

  1. He simply lost the interest in you

Sadly, but this is the most common reason for an abrupt silence. Maybe he was interested in you at first and wanted to build a serious relationship with you but something went wrong. If you couldn’t “hook” him for real, he could have got bored. Guys – they are of a decisive kind; they can easily reconsider dating you without any serious reasons. The lack of desire to see you every day might be the reason for his silence.

There could be way more reasons why guys don’t call and text back. But all of them can be divided into two categories: where there is still hope for the restoration of relationships, and where there is not. The choice is yours: you may wonder …